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15h 43m
Tasks - Alado The Hunter

In Thais, near depot, You will find a NPC called Alado The Hunter.
He have some tasks for You to do.

Talking to NPC  
hi -> tasks easy tasks, medium tasks, hard tasks
reward after task is completed, claim Your reward

Easy tasks

Kill 100x Crocodiles 200.000gp
Kill 200x Dwarves 300.000exp
Kill 300x Ghouls 350.000exp
Kill 140x Goblins 40.000exp
Kill 200x Larvas 240.000exp
Kill 400x Minotaurs 300.000exp
Kill 300x Rotworms 250.000exp
Kill 400x Orcs 250.000exp
Kill 250x Scarabs 350.000exp
Kill 500x Trolls 200.000exp
Kill 100x Swamp Troll 40.000exp
Kill 100x Bug 40.000exp
Kill 150x Hyaena 150.000exp
Kill 250x Frost Troll 150.000exp
Kill 250x Wasp 100.000exp
Kill 400x Poison Spider 150.000exp
Kill 50x  Witch 100.000exp
Kill 400x Skeleton 200.000exp
Kill 200x Elf Scout 150.000exp
Kill 300x Ghosts 700.000exp
Kill 200x Scorpions 100.000gp
Kill 200x Cave Rat 100.000gp
Kill 100x Rats 50.000gp
Kill 200x Snakes 60.000gp
Kill 200x Lions 150.000gp
Kill 200x Amazon 230.000gp
Kill 200x Valkyrie 250.000gp
Kill 400x Orc Spearman 300.000gp

Medium tasks

Kill 150x Mummies 60.000exp + Crystal Coin
Kill 300x Tarantulas 350.000exp
Kill 500x Apes 350.000exp
Kill 500x Cyclops 650.000exp
Kill 400x Demon Skeleton 1.000.000exp
Kill 700x Dwarf Guard 2.500.000exp
Kill 100x Fire Elemental 350.000exp
Kill 500x Lizards 1.500.000exp
Kill 500x Necromancers 2.500.000exp
Kill 500x Vampire 1.500.000exp
Kill 200x Stone Golem 350.000exp
Kill 200x Beholder 100.000exp
Kill 300x Crypt Shamblers 1.200.000exp

Hard tasks

Kill 1000x Demons - Demon Legs
Kill 100x Black Knight 500.000gp
Kill 500x Giant Spider 3.000.000exp
Kill 250x Ancient Scarab 400.000exp
Kill 200x Hero 400.000exp
Kill 1000x Dragon 800.000exp
Kill 500x Dragon Lord 2.500.000exp
Kill 300x Warlock 1.500.000exp
Kill 500x Hydra 4.000.000exp
Kill 500x Serpent Spawn 5.000.000exp
Kill 1000x Behemoth 10.000.000exp